Business registration service provided by KM UNION law firm


– Why should you KM UNION Law Firm to help you apply for a business license

1.1. Reasonable, affordable, all-inclusive price, no extra costs (See here: price list of business license package)

 1.2. Supported monthly accounting and tax services by a professional team

 1.3. Support for first-time registration of social insurance

 1.4. Support to find business premises, rent/buy offices, and housing for employees, etc

 1.5. Support customers to make sub-licenses (license for conditional business)

 1.6. Regular legal advice (monthly)

 1.7. Design and manage the company website

 1.8. Get a 10% discount when using other services of KM UNION Law Firm:

  • Set up an individual business
  • Establishment of a company branch
  • Increase/Decrease charter capital
  • Transfer of shares/equity
  • Suspension of business/dissolution of the company
  • Change of business location.
  • Basic package
  • Other services

Basic package

  • Business Permit
  • Seal
  • Tax code
  • Company Charter
  • Post an electronic statement

All package

  • Business Permit
  • Seal & director's signature stamp
  • Tax code
  • Company Charter
  • Post an electronic statement
  • Initial tax declaration at the tax office
  • Digital Signature USB Token 1 year
  • Design and issue a 50-digit VAT Invoice
  • Register an account number to the tax
  • Company sign (25x30cm)

Premium package

  • Business Permit
  • Round seal & director's signature stamp
  • Tax code
  • Company Charter
  • Post an electronic statement
  • Initial tax declaration at the tax office
  • Digital Signature USB Token 1 year
  • Design and issue a 50-digit VAT Invoice
  • Register an account number to the tax
  • Company sign (25x30cm)
  • Website (including design, domain name, and 1-year hosting)*


  • A service fee does not include a 10% VAT.
  • The above service price is for a company with 100% Vietnamese capital. We will quote a different fee for companies with foreign capital or companies that need advice in English
  • Service fees include state fees; no other costs are paid (except tax and fee to get fast results)
  • (*) About website design (The price includes the basic design for most businesses, in case customers have special requirements for the design, we will charge an additional fee)
  • Surcharge: If the client demands that the service be performed within 01 days, an extra price of 7,000,000 VND will impose. (2) If the client wishes to register a business in another province (other than Ho Chi Minh City), we will add from VND 1,000,000 to VND 2,000,000 extra charge to the standard fee.


The KM UNION Law Firm lawyers work with a team of excellent accountants. So, we can offer you standard, cost-effective accounting services; that are appropriate for small and medium-sized businesses. KM UNION commits that all difficulties and problems in accounting, tax, and related legal procedures will be solved thoroughly and quickly by a team of professional lawyers and accountants.

The commitment of KM UNION’s responsibility when KM UNION’s accounting partner performs accounting services for you

When you choose us to help you get your business license, we will give you a 10% discount on accounting service fees.

  1. Our accounting fee includes the year-end report (also known as the financial statement), that is, the use of accounting services provided by the partners of KM UNION Law Firm. You are not required to pay additional costs for preparing year-end financial statements as other units.
  2. KM UNION appoints personnel to check and ensure that the accounting team fully and punctually performs the following tasks: Sorting, classifying documents, making and delivering accounting books to customers (including detailed account books, general ledger, …) by current regulations and accounting standards.
  3. KM UNION Law Firm will assist in drafting documents and letters to submit to tax authorities when needed if you use our accounting services.
  4. KM UNION’s legal team will assist accountants in explaining and interpreting tax accounting records when state agencies have a request for accounting data
  5. KM UNION will supervise and be responsible for ensuring that KM UNION’s accounting partners will always keep all customers’ accounting information confidential, even after the accounting service contract has ended.
  6. KM UNION will not replace a partner or an accountant in charge of a client’s accounting records unless that professional resigns. Ensure that the customer’s accounting records are tracked clearly. At the same time, we will always have a backup crew to ensure that your accounting records are serviced by dedicated personnel at every time.


We will accompany you throughout the running of your business if you choose our service. In addition to tax declaration services, we also provide social insurance registration services (First-time registration for social insurance, registration of increase or decrease in labor, procedures related to social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, etc.).

  1. Choosing the service of paying social insurance provided by KM UNION Law Firm can help you save time and money: 

b)     The process and procedures for making social insurance are not too complicated, but it is still difficult for new businesses that do not have full-time employees. We classify social insurance registration service into 2 cases as follows


Case 1: A newly created business

Step 1: Apply to the social insurance office for the unit code; the dossier should include the following information:

  • Business license notarized copy (GPKD)
  • Declaration of units participating in social insurance TK3 – Dr.

Step 2: Carry out the processes for reporting the increase/decrease in labor. 

  • Employee payroll and labor contract
  • Declaration of participation, adjustment of information on Social Insurance (SI) Account 1 – Dr
  • The information staff reported an increase/decrease.

Case 2 – The company has been in operation for some time and has unit code:

 Just do the procedure to report the increase/decrease in labor.

Depending on the social insurance agency, the time to review the dossier is about 5-15 days. Therefore, using the registration service for social insurance provided by KM UNION Law Firm will help you save time in preparing and traveling to apply.

  1. Enterprises and employees will pay social insurance based on the following ratio:
  • Employees must pay 10.5% social insurance.
  • Businesses must pay social insurance at a rate of 21.5%.

Companies can pay for social insurance in the following ways: 

  • By month: On or before the last day of the month.
  • Quarterly or every six months: no later than the end day of the closing period.

Note: Quarterly or 6-month closure only applies to individual businesses/cooperatives/HKDs operating in the industry of agriculture-forestry–fishery paid according to salary according to product/by contract.


4.1. Virtual office service in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, and Da Nang.

  • For small and medium-sized clients using the total company incorporation service of KM UNION Law Firm, we will introduce you to locations to set up your company’s headquarters with a preferential price from 2,000 .000 VND – 10,000,000 VND/year (virtual offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Da Nang, and other locations according to your needs)

This cost is quite appealing for start-ups or small businesses that want to save costs the first time of starting a business. For companies that already have many business establishments but need to register more branches or representative offices in other provinces and cities to facilitate transactions with partners, this is also a reasonable and economical choice economical and efficient.

  • KM UNION Law Firm will introduce you to virtual offices to ensure the legality and assist customers in reviewing and reviewing office lease contracts with lessors.
  • Rental rates and payment problems, invoicing, and commercial agreements between you and the lessor will be negotiated and decided directly by you and the lessor.
  • We only support providing advice from a legal perspective and market practice for your reference.

4.2. Office leasing, business premises, and housing rental services for employees in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Da Nang

The KM UNION Law Firm will assist you in the process of looking for an office to rent, creating an office lease contract, and reviewing and evaluating the location’s legality to make sure the rental location is appropriate for your conditions and complies with all applicable laws, including those about real estate business, fire prevention, and fighting, factory requirements, business conditions, conditions for establishing investment projects, etc.

  • If the customer has foreign employees or remote employees who need to find a suitable, convenient, and close to the office, we are ready to help you to find that place. We will advise on the procedures so that the costs related to the problem are deducted from the reasonable expenses of the business (if you use our accounting – tax services).
  • We assist clients in obtaining legal counsel, reviewing and evaluating the risk, determining whether the rental property is lawful, etc. The choice to rent or not, depend on you, You and the landlord shall directly negotiate and settle the terms of the rental agreement. We will talks with the landlord on your behalf if you require it.

4.3. Purchase apartments, office buildings, land,…

  •  KM UNION Law Firm will help you find apartments, offices, or land that meet your requirements. Additionally, we help you draft buying contracts, as well as help you assess potential legal concerns and the validity of real estate. We also help with title transfer, planning inspection, construction permit application,
  • Please note that we only support procedural and legal issues. The decision to buy or not to buy (transfer or not transfer) real estate needs to be carefully considered by you. All commercial terms related to the purchase and sale of real estate are decided by you. We only support you in evaluating information and documents so that you can make better decisions.
  • We only support free searches. However, requirements arise related to issues such as real estate appraisal, deposit contract review, purchase and sale contract review, notarization procedures, transfer procedures, loans with banks, mortgage procedures, investment permits, investment policies, construction permits, completion procedures, work acceptance, appraisal and approval of drawings for fire prevention design, contracts with construction contractors, etc will be quoted separately and agreed with you before performing the work.


After obtain business licenses, some companies can go into operation right away. Some companies in conditional business lines must meet those conditions to be allowed to operate, such as the requirements for practice certificates, legal capital, and sub-licenses (licenses to ensure working conditions doing business in Vietnam).

  • Types of sub-licenses, conditional business licenses

When you need to submit a sub-license application, our qualified attorneys can help you right away. KM UNION Law Firm is currently putting several kinds of conditional business licenses as follows:

  • Apply for a domestic travel business license
  • Apply for a license to operate in the printing industry
  • Apply for a certificate of eligibility for information security
  • Apply for a license to operate a real estate trading floor
  • Certificate of eligibility for food hygiene and safety
  • Product Standard Certificate
  • A license to open a language center (informatics)
  • Apply for a permit to manufacture veterinary drugs
  • Apply for a license to establish a preschool
  • License for product circulation announcement
  • Charge for product circulation announcement
  • Apply for a certificate of clinic eligibility
  • Apply for a product standard certificate
  • Apply for an import license
  • Advertising license
  • Basic vocational training license
  • Liquor retail license
  • Liquor wholesale license
  • Obtain a permit to manufacture alcohol
  • ICP Website Operation License
  • Apply for a qualified chemical business license
  • Apply for a transport business license by car
  • Permit to program promotions
  • Permit to establish a representative office in a foreign country
  • Permit to operate labor export service


After we help you obtain a business license, if you continue to use our service, we will offer you a 10% discount for regular legal consulting services for businesses.  In addition, the management board, employees, and their relatives will receive a 10% discount when using the regular legal consulting service for individuals.


  • With an advanced business establishment fee of 10,000,000 VND, you get a free website with the domain name and hosting for 1-year. This website is designed to be simple and suitable for most common business models of small and medium-sized companies.
  • For large businesses, businesses that have special requirements for design, website utilities, and regular website administration services; and need more staff to support website management, KM UNION law firm will quote separately for these requests.
  • With the desire to bring you a one-stop-shop service, you can go through KM UNION Law Firm to find all the necessary services for a newly established company. We have combined with professional partners in the field of website design, domain names, hosting, servers, and data centers to introduce you to suitable solutions for the needs of the business at the most economical and efficient cost.
  • We also support sales website notification service, e-commerce website registration service, and electronic trading floor registration service with the Ministry of Industry and Trade with a preferential fee if customers request.


If you only do small businesses such as grocery stores, eateries, drinks shops, etc. You do not need to establish a company, you can choose to form a  individual business household.


KM UNION LAW FIRM will give preferential pricing for our existing customers when they establish branches, representative offices, or business locations.

(Price applies for 100% Vietnamese capital company)


Service Service fee
(Fees included)
Establish branches, representative offices, and business locations in Ho Chi Minh City 1.000.000 VND
Establish branches, representative offices, and business locations in Dong Nai, Binh Duong, and Long An city 2.000.000 VND
Establish branches, representative offices, and business locations in other provinces 3.000.000 VND
Make branch seal 400.000 VND
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